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Hello and welcome to my journal!

Once again, this journal will serve as a resting place for my creative pursuits of the fandom type. I'm actually making this up as I go along, but hopefully I won't end up changing my mind. That would be embarrassing.

What do you need to know?

Well, for one thing, some stuff will be friend's locked. Mostly the music stuff, but there will be warning in advance, and you can always friend this journal to gain access to it. There will be a grand archive, so hopefully finding things will be easy enough.

And that's about it!
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Medium:  Web-based Browser Game
Fandom: Echo Bazaar/Fallen London
Subject: General
Title: Welcome, Delicious Friend.
Warnings: Language, some gore, a bit spooky.
Notes: Originally posted to [ profile] fst for their request month. Entry will be f'locked after a month.
Intro )
Body )
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Title: Adieu
Characters/Pairing: Aerith/Riku, Yuffie, Cloud, Cid, Leon, Kairi and Sora have brief roles.
Fandom: KH
Word Count: 904.
Rating: G
Warnings: Light fluff, some angst. Nothing too bad…
Summary: Without him realizing it, she had become part of his life. (So long, until we meet again)
Author's Notes: Written as a gift fic and kept around for the sake of it. (Cross posted here on fanfiction and at [ profile] kh_het)
Disclaimer: KH and everything related belongs to Squeenix/Disney, who are unrelated to me.
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Title: City Life
Characters/Pairing: N/A
Fandom: KH
Word Count: 371
Rating: G
Warnings: Purposely obnoxious capitalization, abuse of commas and sentence structure. Poor attempt at humor/a certain type of writing voice. Slightly depressing in the end despite my best efforts to the contrary.
Summary: Heroes never take the time to learn about the people living in the worlds they're fighting in.
Author's Notes: Inspired by the Roxas fanart posted to 0k_h and fanon regarding a certain level.
Disclaimer: KH and everything related belongs to Squeenix/Disney, who are unrelated to me.

Contrary to popular belief, the world is not black and white, light and dark. )


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