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Title: City Life
Characters/Pairing: N/A
Fandom: KH
Word Count: 371
Rating: G
Warnings: Purposely obnoxious capitalization, abuse of commas and sentence structure. Poor attempt at humor/a certain type of writing voice. Slightly depressing in the end despite my best efforts to the contrary.
Summary: Heroes never take the time to learn about the people living in the worlds they're fighting in.
Author's Notes: Inspired by the Roxas fanart posted to 0k_h and fanon regarding a certain level.
Disclaimer: KH and everything related belongs to Squeenix/Disney, who are unrelated to me.

Many citizens belonging to The World Containing All That Was Good and Light were under the impression that the Dark City was a place for All Things That Were Dark and Evil.

They were mistaken in this belief, and frankly no one bothered to correct them.

After all, when such citizens dropped by the city, it was to Vanquish Evil and Save The World. They never took the time to stop by Café Obscurité or Oblivion Lounge. No, they’d rather fight epic duels up sky scrapers and suffer from heroic hallucinations.

The Dark City denizens were quite happy to leave them to it, thank-you-very-much, on the condition that said citizens left them out of it.

In fact, if you approached a resident of the city and asked them point-blank about the giant slightly ominous castle hovering on their skyline, they’d simply tell you its inhabitants were the right kind of folk, who paid their taxes and tipped well.

They’d go on to say that the younger folks were often seen around the city, performing at open mic nights, wiping the floor at card games, and occasionally, causing amusing yet harmless havoc.

Why, there was that one time when that red haired fellow hijacked a delivery truck as part of a boycott, and proceeded to flip it over. After that, no one could reach Gina’s Diner anymore, but that was okay, because her coffee was greasy and she never quite fit in ‘round here anyway.

So life went on, with every other citizen working at the power plant, remarking to one another that looked like dark rain today, but then again you can never trust weather forecasts, and good thing they bought a souvenir umbrella last time they visited Twilight Town.

At the end of the day, they’d head back to their apartments, maybe watch some tv, and go to bed. Everyone knew you couldn’t stay outside past curfew – that’s when the shadows and the things in-between came out to play. But they didn’t talk about that, and every time a child was lost to one, they said the child “ran away” and reminded everyone once more to keep their houses secure and the lights on.

Still, it sure kept the stray animal population in check, and unwanted pets were easy to dispose of.

They’d grumble in the morning, did you hear that darned kid running around? And gossip about the hole in the moon.

And when the castle was gone, and the inhabitants of it were but a memory, a glass was raised to them on open mic nights, and card games, and the truck was left where it fell as a memorial.


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